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2016 released fantasy film, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,’ was one of the most anticipated films in the history of Hollywood because it was a spinoff of the mega-gigantic and universally loved Harry Potter series, based on the premise of its prequel. With tons of accolades, fans, positive critic’s reviews and records shattering box office collection, the characters of this movie became instant favourites and aspirations for a lot of people predominantly the youth. This film is all about Newt Scamander played by the extremely handsome Eddie Redmayne, and his adventures which were read by Harry Potter after 70 years in the school. Newt is a British wizard, magizoologist and an employee in Ministry of magic, despite such accreditations and accolades he is such an introvert yet highly intelligent, mysterious and intriguing character. One of the most eye-catching and attention-grabbing aspect of Newt’s character is the coat that he adorns which not only makes him look like a wizard but also gives the right amount of oomph and complexity to his character. The enchantment, enigma and dynamism that newt from fantastic beasts coat embodies and endorses is what makes it so desirable and alluring.

Thousands of fans and aspirants for all over the globe badly want this coat to be as a prime staple in their wardrobe as it is perfectly apt for every single occasion; hence, FinestJackets brings to you its exact premium quality replica. Curated with softest, most durable and lint free woolen fabric and lined with the most comfortable viscose lining, this stunning and chic blue coat is everything that you need to make a fashion statement. Notch collar, front button closure, long sleeves and open hem edges in this coat are in perfect synchronization with the current trends. Flap pockets at the waits adds an element of quirk to this sophisticated coat. If you wish to exuberate an exotic and mysterious vibe than newt from fantastic beasts coat is all you need, so without wasting another breath, get going.

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