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2015 released fighting and the most thrilling video game Mortal Kombat X was a much awaited treat for its ardent fans, its prequel Mortal Kombat garnered a lot of fans because of its out of the world graphics and intriguing gaming plot. Mortal Kombat X introduced another cult and classic character in its Kombat pack 1 by the name of Jason Voorhees. Jason isn’t a new character as this role has been a prime antagonist and the deadliest villain in all the installments of Friday the 13th movies and Freddy vs. Jason and has been adapted to this video game from these movies. This larger than life anti-hero is a horror slasher icon and a killer on rampage, he is born with mental instability and facial disfigurements which gives his character the noxiousness and fear that is essential to pull off this highly challenging persona. Jason in the latter part of the series of movies is made unkillable with a dead appearance, making him undefiable and undefeatable. The terror with a hint of oomph and dynamism that Jason exuberates renders him highly distinctive and sassy from other fellow villains. Not only the idiosyncrasies of this character but the way is his look designed and curated is the reason for the tremendous fan following and fame that he enjoys. The hockey goal mask, machete as a killing and murderous weapon with the rugged and torn jacket completes his look and aids his character development. Mortal Kombat Jason jacket has been on the wishlist of its ardent fans and even those who aspire to have a raw and edgy look as this jacket is the epitome of fear and danger.

To cater to the wishes and demands of uncountable fans and followers of this mind swaying character, finest jackets brings you the exact replica of this uber cool jacket. Curated with rugged and distressed leather and lined with viscose lining this brown jacket is so durable and high on fashion quotient that not only it is capable of lasting eternally but also will make your personality shine every time you adorn it. With shirt style collar, zipped front closure and open hem cuffs, this piece of clothing has incorporated the trendiest details that are in current vogue. Moreover. Two chest pocket and four flap pockets give you sufficient space for carrying your essentials. Mortal Kombat Jason jacket can be worn on casual as well as on occasions as it is a statement in itself and a must have in anyone’s wardrobe, so without any further ado get this apparel, if you want to be your coolest version.

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