Walk the Path of Righteousness and Integrity with the Eye-Popping Blade Coating

American superhero films based on Marvel comics usually garner a lot of fame and popularity because of the amazing visual effects, costumes, animations, music score, action sequences, and thrilling story. One of the earliest movies in this genre was Blade, which laid the foundation for the superhero sci-fi movies to work and make profits. Blade was a blockbuster shattering so many previous records and get accolades from critics and audiences likewise. The astounding success of this movie led to 2 more installments in this franchise, which were also received quite positively. The “Blade”, was a first of its kind movie because the main protagonist named Blade played by the gorgeous and supremely talented ‘Wesley Snipes’ was a dark superhero or an anti-hero. Blade was a half mortal half vampire who aims to save humanity from evil empires, but the beast in him makes thing extremely tough. This intriguing character is a saviour yet can be a destroyer, which makes it a lethal combination. Wesley’s acting skills and portrayal were not the only aspects which made this character legendary but the magnificent blade coating that he adorned put life into this character. Blade coat symbolizes the strength of righteousness and integrity in times of chaos and doubts.

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