Wesley Snipes Blade Coating Designer Jacket -
American superhero films based on Marvel comics usually garner a lot of fame and popularity because of the amazing visual effects, costumes, animations, music score, action sequences, and thrilling story. One of the earliest movies in this genre was Blade, which laid the foundation for the superhero sci-fi movies to work and make profits. Blade was a blockbuster shattering so many previous records and get accolades from critics and audiences likewise. The astounding success of
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Assassin's Creed Syndicate Evie Frye Leather Jacket -
In terms of action, thriller, adventure, visual effects, intriguing plot and out of the world graphical animations, there is no other existing video game that can beat assassin’s creed. This is the reason that this game enjoys unsurpassable fame and fan following. The first instalment of this series of the video game was launched in 2007 and over the time there have been multiple additions to it, with the latest one released in 2018. Due
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Mortal Kombat Jason Jacket -
2015 released fighting and the most thrilling video game Mortal Kombat X was a much awaited treat for its ardent fans, its prequel Mortal Kombat garnered a lot of fans because of its out of the world graphics and intriguing gaming plot. Mortal Kombat X introduced another cult and classic character in its Kombat pack 1 by the name of Jason Voorhees. Jason isn’t a new character as this role has been a prime antagonist
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Newt Coat from Fantastic Beasts -
2016 released fantasy film, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,’ was one of the most anticipated films in the history of Hollywood because it was a spinoff of the mega-gigantic and universally loved Harry Potter series, based on the premise of its prequel. With tons of accolades, fans, positive critic’s reviews and records shattering box office collection, the characters of this movie became instant favourites and aspirations for a lot of people predominantly the
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Star Wars Captain Cassian Jacket -
Star wars is such a franchise which have zillions of fans and followers across the globe, its frenzy and craze has no limits or bounds. Over the years there have been quite a lot of additional installments in the star wars series, but in 2016 its makers initiated another star wars opera named as star wars anthology based on the prequel aspects. First installment of this series was 2016 released Rogue One: A star wars
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